travel photo & video

during our time abroad we see and capture a lot of awesome stuff.

our mission

since we are lucky to travel and see so much of this wonderful world, we want to capture every bit of it!

starting the mission

pocket is a remote company, which we can literally stuff into our pockets and jump into an airplane! since we are fortunate enough to travel, of course we want to capture our adventures and our time abroad as elaborate as possible. for our memories and to share this with the world. not only do we “just” capture our daily adventures, but also when we decide to climb a mountain, see a world heritage or unesco property or get up early to witness spectacular sunrises.

mission achieved

wherever we go, we always bring our cameras. pocket is completely remote and can literally work from anywhere, which makes us super flexible. no matter where we go, we can take our cameras and shoot lovely pictures and video. are you looking for a new and creative way of promoting your products, but not sure where to begin or who to contact? send us an e-mail for more information, because we can create content literally anywhere! no more boring pictures with a white background, but on white sandy beaches, in green lush rainforests or in buzzing large cities!


we had the honour to stay in indonesia for four months.


a few photo’s out of thousands!

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travel photography

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