trần thanh đức

running four restaurants, raising three daughters, giving cooking classes, but still finding time to make us cappuccinos and showing us fishing villages. meet trần thanh đức.

our mission

capturing this amazing chef at his purest and to share his inspiring story with the world.

starting the mission

during our lovely time in hoi an we got together with the team behind more than food mag, an international food, wine and lifestyle platform. what’s not to like? they asked if we could create a video interview of one ‘chef duc’. a guy that owns three restaurants in hoi an and one in da nang and who later becomes someone that will forever inspire us. meeting him just filled us with energy, his passion and love for cooking and people is out of this world and it was an honor to follow duc for a couple of days.

mission achieved

our video of Duc needed to show even a tiny bit of his energy, passion and overall great personality. next to managing four restaurants, raising three awesome daughters with his lovely wife, giving cooking classes, he still finds time to meet us a couple of times to get all the shots needed. we even agree to meet one day at 06:00 am to go to a fishing village next to hoi an. buc brings cappuccino in a thermostat for us. it is chaos and we now know never to mess with a vietnamese woman, but seeing him happy like a kid in a candy store over a tuna fish is all worth it.


isn’t he the coolest chef ever?


it was an honour to follow such an inspiring man.

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trần thanh đức

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