korea reizen

we had the honour to travel around the land of morning calm for a travel agency.

our mission

capturing the various cities, nature and culture of korea in two minutes.

starting the mission

we were super excited to go to korea, not only to explore this modern, but still traditional country, but also to make content for korea reizen. a travel agency that specialises in custom made trips to this cultural country.

mission achieved

after visiting seoul, sokcho, seoraksan, busan and gyeongju, we had a clear image about the country. korea is even more modern than the netherlands, but you can still sense its roots. that was our goal of the video, to broadcast the new and the old. we think these two minutes are the reason you want to go to korea on your next trip.


get your flight tickets now, you want to see this in real life!


of course we took the opportunity to capture this beautiful country with our photo camera.

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korea reizen

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