travel guides

travel guides that are personal and full with images.

our mission

creating personal travel guides for a various target group.

starting the mission

when we got of the phone with publisher edicola, we were immediately excited. we just got offered to write two travel guides about our journey in vietnam. a week later our nine month trip would start, and from the nine months we spend three of them in vietnam. first we had to get used to the country, but after all, we loved it! we faced the challenge to create a travel guide that is useful for a various target group, especially in age.

mission achieved

it was three months of experiencing, and getting all the ins and outs of the country. besides writing, we also shot the images for the books. seeing all the information coming together with all the pictures, we had our proud moment. we want to thank the publisher edicola for this great opportunity. hopefully we can do it again for an other country.


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