saigon om

hang and sarah’s beliefs and values breathe through their entire company called saigon om. a holistic wellness school that travels around the world.

our mission

to show the world the inspiring way of living of saigon om’s hang and sarah.

starting the mission

we met hang and sarah in hoi an, vietnam during our three weeks there. immediately drawn towards their positive energy and laid-back personalities, we didn’t have to think twice when they asked whether we wanted to shoot a promotional video for their 200-hour teacher training course in ho chi minh city. just being with these two ladies made us feel calm, assured and relaxed and therefore, naturally, the video also needed to illustrate this. possibly even try to make the viewer feel like this too. simply showing the way saigon om lives their life, which is simple, peaceful and joyful.

mission achieved

hang and sarah have a unique school. not only do they teach yoga, they try to show you a whole new way of living which includes mindfulness, meditation, qi gong, mindful eating, walking and being. in order to have this breathing throughout our video, we made sure to capture them in their natural habitat and not to be too intrusive during their 200-hour teacher training in saigon. the lovely students did not mind us pointing our cameras towards their faces and hang and sarah even joked that it was a good practice to remain focused and not to get distracted. after class they took us to an amazing pond to shoot some yoga moves and then to the market where we shared the sweetest sugar cane juice and finished the day with awesome pizzas. simple, peaceful and joyful!


saigon om


a day of filming the most flexible ladies of saigon.

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saigon om

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