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a digital native duo from utrecht, the netherlands. get to know us a little more!

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we are linde and melanie, and we always knew we were not meant to stay in one place. that is why we made the decision to explore the world and work remotely!



knowing that images are a thousand times more powerful than words, i developed my love for creating engaging images early on. during my studies i lived abroad for a while, in both london and valencia, and the thrill of discovering new places and living in a different environment were definitely triggered there. there is not a single thing in the world more exciting than travelling, getting immersed in another culture and creating appealing content!



starting my professional life at a creative agency, i discovered the endless and still undiscovered possibilities of video. to create an immersive video that amazes people is something that is indescribable to me. i would love to show you these endless possibilities! i become bored easily, so next to having my hands in multiple cookie jars, I am always looking for new projects or destinations to discover. i would love to meet you!


the team

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